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An evidence-based approach to career counseling that helps students and young adults find promising careeers.

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 4 Steps to End Indecision

1. Book your consultation

Schedule a 15-minute, complimentary call with our counselors to help you decide if career counseling is right for you.

2. Take an assessment

Learn about yourself, your aptitudes, and your interests using our research-backed aptitude assessment.

3. Discover best fits

Find out what types of careers match your unique blend of skills, interests, and values.

4. Start taking steps

Identify key first steps and develop a plan to help your dreams take shape.

Get Expert Help, Not Unwanted Advice

Our team of professional counselors are trained to use data-driven assessments, proven counseling frameworks, and human-to-human connection to help teens and young adults confidently arrive at decisions that stick.

It’s Time to Turn Dreams into Reality

Finding a career that works for you or your loved one is serious business. Our job is not to give cliched advice or tell clients what to do.

Instead, we make it our job to help clients unfold a map to their dreams, step out of self-limiting beliefs, and build a more satisfying life.

We make mapping out your brightest future our job. To get started, choose from the three options below or talk to our team about a private workshop.

100s of Happy Clients

With decades of cumulative counseling experience and 10,000+ hours spent with adolescents, we know how to create a comfortable space where young adults and teens can dream big and start succeeding.

*the following quotes, images, and names may have been altered due to privacy and ethical concerns. The substance of the content has not been altered.

“I don’t know how they did it, but when I saw my top career matches, it felt like they read my mind.”


Young Professional

“Before [working with Louie] I thought I had a few options, which I did not really love. Now I know where my skills will fit and the types of work environments where I will enjoy working. “


College Senior

“Wow. I always suspected I would be a good teacher. Now I understand why.”


College Senior

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