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Are Career or Education Decisions Leaving You Feeling Stuck?

Whether going on to college or into the workforce, students in this stage of life face a crucial decision making process.

For students going to college, wrong decisions here can lead to:For students heading straight into the workforce, you may find that:
  • Declaring the wrong major
  • Racking up debt
  • Graduating late
  • A degree you never use
  • A lack of experience is held against you
  • Jobs won’t pay you well without experience
  • You’re unsure of yourself
  • You don’t love any of your job options

Either way, career counseling and aptitude testing can give you hard data to help you make wise decisions about your future.

In fact, when students use frameworks like our own, they are more likely to end up in careers where they succeed.

Meet Your Coaches

Dr. Fruge


Cheryl Fruge | Ph.D, LPC (Co-Founder)

Not many professionals help people reach for their dreams like Dr. Fruge. As school counselor for 13 years, employee consultant, and director of counseling, Dr. Fruge has helped thousands of people find ideal fields of work and study. At Acadiana Career Counseling, Dr. Fruge helps her clients understand how their strengths, interests, and values fit into different career fields using the Ball Aptitude Battery. Dr. Fruge has worked with students who have studied in the Ivy Leagues and finished atop their medical schools. Now, she’s ready to help you discover your place in the work world. 

Louis Bernard | Counselor-In-Training (Co-Founder)

Few counselors know how to work with people who feel stuck quite like Louie. With an entrepreneurial spirit and nose for adventure, Louie has traveled the world working an assortment of jobs where he’s amassed well over 10,000 hours helping adolescents make meaning in their lives. At Acadiana Career Counseling, he will help you understand how to use your unique blend of aptitudes, interests, and values to uncover the work where you will succeed. Using principles from the marketing realm, counseling frameworks, and aptitude batteries, Louie has helped hundreds of people live more meaningful lives. He’s ready when you are!

Louis Bernard

Counselor In-Training

Don’t Let Indecision Keep You from Pursuing Your Dreams

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Schedule follow-up sessions with your team to learn our evidence-based frameworks so you can start making your dreams a reality.


My conversations with Louie helped me organize my thoughts and put them into a personal statement that confidently identified my strengths.

Phsycial Therapy Student | Former Client

"[Louie] has a unique ability to establish rapport with young people."

Louisiana State University Supervisor

“I don’t know how they did it, but when I saw my top career matches, it felt like they read my mind.”

Former client

results page of career aptitude testing

Career Counseling Deliverables

  • An online job bank with 500+ career matches based on aptitudes and interests
  • A simple, repeatable framework for making big decisions
  • A roadmap for your top career or major choices
  • Newfound confidence in your talents.
  • An ability to brand yourself in a convincing manner

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