About Acadiana Career Counseling

Understand Your Strengths and Find a More Satisfying Work Life

We’ll help you uncover and communicate your strengths so you can build a satisfying career. Using Acadiana Career Counseling’s frameworks, you will make education and career decisions with confidence and write more engaging resumes and personal statements. Let us know when you’re ready to get started.

Built By Scientific Insights

Based off of 50+ years of research in the employment, counseling, and psychology fields, our battery of assessments, tools, and frameworks are battle-tested.

These psychometrically valid tools are repeatedly linked to success and satisfaction in the workplace.

Our clients leave with actionable, data-rich insights to help them clearly picture their brightest futures.

Aptitude Testing & Interest Profiling

Get access to evidenced-backed assessments linked to career success, high school achievement, and job satisfaction.

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Private Workshops

If you’re short on time and want to squash indecision in under two days, schedule a group workshop. In-person or online, counselors will help you use frameworks to make better decisions, to avoid wasted time, and to start building a more satisfying life.

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$100-125 per person

Career Counseling

Learn how to use your strengths, interests, and values to build a more satisfying work life. You’ll work with counselors trained to help you get unstuck and start making moves.

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"Jump Start Your Life" Video Series

In these short videos, you’ll discover three ways to use your unique attributes to make your life more meaningful and satisfying. We believe our comunity is transformed by info like this—so, we’re happy to give it away!

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