Acadiana Career Counseling

Understand Your Gifts & Make Better Decisions

Without an understanding of yourself, big life decisions will feel daunting and you will feel stuck. But when you understand yourself using our research-backed framework, decisions will come easier as you build a satisfying life.

STEP 1: Discover careers that match your strengths, values, and interests

STEP 2: Make your career wish list and road map

STEP 3: Watch your dreams become reality

How Much Does Indecision Cost You?

Most people don’t really know their strengths and interests well enough to talk about them in a way that resonates. When your understanding about yourself isn’t good…

  • You waffle on big life decisions
  • Nobody really seems to understand your desires
  • Your applications and personal statements feel impossible to write
  • People glaze over when you talk about yourself
  • The universities/jobs you dream about feel out of reach
  • You struggle to identify what makes you a great candidate

Talking about your life, your strengths, and your desires should be simple. Most people can’t do it effectively though, and so, they feel stuck, dither, and seesaw on the most important decisions of their lives. Learn how to see yourself more clearly using our framework and you’ll finally feel confident in your life plans.

There are 4 ways to learn our framework. Which package is right for you?

Option 1

Want to figure out your strengths and which careers or majors will fit you the best? Take our assessment at home, and meet with us once or twice to discuss your results and begin your journey with restored confidence.

Perfect for: Anyone trying to get their career or college search underway who wants to learn how to make decisions based on the counseling framework that’s worked for decades.

Option 2

Want to use your strengths, values, and interests to guide your big life decisions? Our data-backed assessment will get you started. Then, you will work with us for 3 sessions to help you discover how your unique blend of skills, interests, and values can make a satisfying work life. Plus, with a counselor by your side, you’ll feel confident implementing your plan and taking steps toward your dreams.

Perfect for: Anyone looking to make big decisions about work or schooling over a few weeks with the help of a trained counselor for extra accountability and confidence.

Option 3

Are you a student or job-seeker looking to stand out from a crowd of applicants? We can help you differentiate yourself with resume/personal statement reviews, 4 hours worth of sessions, and interview coaching.

Perfect for: Any student or job seeker that needs to stand out in order to reach their dreams.

Group of people

Book a Private Group Workshop

Do you know a group of students, job seekers, or young people who need to learn how to apply their individual strengths to their big life decisions? With a private workshop, your kids will work directly with our counselors for a day and half at a location of your choosing or virtually. 

If you feel like your kids, students, or friends are lacking confidence and having trouble making decisions, the problem will be solved in under two days. Every student will know their strengths and how to talk about themselves in a convincing manner that helps them land interviews.

Perfect for: Any group of students or friends who want to ditch indecision quickly and feel connected to one another.

100s of Happy Clients

With decades of cumulative counseling experience and 10,000+ hours spent with adolescents, we know how to create a comfortable space where young adults and teens can dream big and start succeeding.

*the following quotes, images, and names may have been altered due to privacy and ethical concerns. The substance of the content has not been altered.

“I don’t know how they did it, but when I saw my top career matches, it felt like they read my mind.”


Young Professional

“Before [working with Louie] I thought I had a few options, which I didn’t really love. Now I know where my skills will fit and the types of work environments where I will enjoy working. “


College Senior

“Wow. I always thought I might be a good teacher—now I understand why.”


College Senior

Step 1: Learn the Counseling Framework

Take our assessments and attend sessions, or book a private workshop to understand how your unique talents, interests, and values can help you make better, more satisfying life decisions.

Step 2: Create your Career Wishlist and Roadmap

No more waffling on big decisions or feeling inadequate. Using our counseling tools, you will finally feel confident in your decisions and your applications.

Step 3: Turn your Dreams into Reality

Researchers consistently find that people are more likely to succeed in their careers when they use a framework like our’s. to make their decision.* That means you can feel confident in your decisions and start making your dreams into reality.